... 1 are absolutely unscrupulous, unreliable, grasping and ruthless in their international policy.

Both put brute force above evrything else in their international relattions and both have proved again and again that in their political creed there is no room for binding agreements, contracts or tacit understandings.

The ways in which Nazism and Communism rice to power are interely opposite... Once the leaders are in full controlhowever, their methods are entirely the same. The only differences between Nazime and Communism as we see it now are gradual. Not essential.

In Germany there is still the officially recignized right of property. In Russia there is hardly any recignized personal property. On the other hand : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx the Russiian practice allows more personal propertay than the Communis theory. The Nazi practice works the other way: there the theory allows more than the practice leaves.

It is only the practical results that we consider.

Both political systems, - both ruthless dictatorships came into power and intend to remain in control in spute of everything, - determined to stamp out any disagreement or revolutionary movement however bloody the result.

As we see the very recently published figures of the material help the United States, Canadaand we gave to the U.S.S.R., as we read of the 4o.ooo tanks that went there... we get that same uneasy feeling that we gave been giving away our lifeblood to save a monster that may one day use this strength against ourselves.

It is no use pretending. That will never get us anywhere. Let's face the cold fact... Soviet Russia has the entire part of East Europe under control and we have every reason to beleive that that control shall be maintained. It is possible and even probably that the countries like Roumania, Bulgaria, Poland, Letvia, Hun ary will get their own governments but in that case these wil be mere puppet governments, existing of Mowcow appointed men, acting on lines and directions given out by Moscow. Even when the Soviet armies are going to helt on some imaginary border line in Germany where the zones of influence xxx touch... even then it will only be a question of time before the exploitation of the resources of East and Cantral Europe, at the disposal of the Soviet Dictator, will allow the U.S.S.R., to break the back of any army or combination of armies that we xxx might be able to maintain, and occupy the rest of Europe.

It is only political imbeciles who can fail to see the immense danger the situ tion that should arise for us... which, potentially, HAS already risen. With the whole of Europe under the domination of a s vage dicatorship our chances of survival in case of a cojflict would be negligible. After all weare a nation of only about 4o.ooo.ooo people.

And when we see the immense Red activity that is now rife in the recently liberated territories... when weread of strikef of miners and be tworkers owing to Red agitation... when we read that Scotland Yard has to do sil of an important part of its strength to fe ret out communist cells in our own army ... we ask;


[1]Ongedateerd pamflet (of tekst voor de Radio-Gil?) van W.H.M. van den Hout, in het NIOD-archief opgenomen onder nummer "19c";
de eerste pagina van dit document ontbreekt in het archief,
bovendien is het eerste woord van de wel bewaarde pagina onleesbaar geworden door beschadigingen aan de linker bovenhoek;
het document heeft in elk geval niets te maken met dat andere document dat in de NIOD-archieven bekend staat onder nr. 19c, nl. What is this? England or Germany?
Datering van het document is moeilijk, mogelijk dateert het van begin 1945.