Tekst Aanplakbiljet. 1


Stop This Senseless Fighting!

Do are a British or American workman, carrying a rifle or manning a gun. You are fighting to rid the world of the oppression of NAZI tyranny.

But after this fight is over... and Germany has been de feated you will find yourself under another tyranny, - less brutal but xxxx certainly more destructive to your personal dignity and value as a human being... the Oppression of Capitalist Creed.

xxxxxxxxx The war againt Germany has already been won. The Soviet Armies are closing in for the kill. All the Capotalist forces behind the Allied armies are striving for is: to save strength to block te oncoming Soviet armies.

As if any combin tion of armies in the world were able to block te advance of hundreds of millions of worker warriors, bent upon the liberation of their fellow workers in all Europe and all over the world.

Every man who dies now on the Allied Western font dies as a sacrifice made by the Capitalist who 2 use those armies in an attempt to keep you permanently enslaved.

Do not make a fool of yourself. Follow the simple instructions from Moscow:
Do not fight.
Sabotage where you can!
Spike the guns.
Keep the ships in the ports!
Do everything to lame the Capitalist War effort!
And wait.... until Moscow gives the sign!
The day of our and your Liberation is near! Soon sux you will sit in the soft chairs ofe lazy and wealthy!


[1]Ongedateerd pamflet van W.H.M. van den Hout, in het NIOD-archief opgenomen onder nummer "19a";
het stuk dateert waarschijnlijk uit begin 1945.
[2]In de tekst is met pen een / aangegeven; in de kantlijn naast deze regel is met schrijfmachineschrift het woord will toegevoegd.